Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Active Participation and Practice

Deandra W. is new to classes that use a collection of resources, instead of a traditional textbook. She points out that while some classes may need a textbook, others are better organized around a more diverse approach to the concepts.
"Although I am sure some classes need a textbook, I feel some classes are a better fit for hands-on learning. By this I mean being able to try something and learn from your mistakes. Your success is truly what you put into the class."
Deandra also notes that when her teacher this quarter announced that the class was OER, she felt that the college cared more about her financial success. She also feels liberated from purchasing content that she may not have needed. "Studying with OER allows you to learn or be subjected to only what you need, versus studying with a book. You pay for the whole book, even if you don't use it."

Deandra, we are happy that you are enjoying your OER class. We hope that when you get to some of those classes where a textbook is needed, they are classes that use open textbooks! In the meantime, TCC will keep working to ensure that you are liberated from unnecessary textbook costs.

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