Tuesday, September 30, 2014

$1 Million and Counting

Today Tacoma Community College announced that "The Liberated" students have saved just over $1 million in the twenty-four months we have been keeping track of student textbook savings. This quarter alone, teachers of over 71 sections of courses at TCC are using alternatives to traditional textbooks. For each student enrolled in these courses, this translates to an average of $100 in savings.

Tacoma Community College is committed to increasing access to education through cutting textbook costs, and sharing our own materials as widely as we can. We have also found that instructors appreciate textbook alternatives as much as students do, because more flexible learning materials equal more freedom to experiment in the classroom.  As instructor K. Young puts it, "Open up, and own it—by giving it away." Another instructor, S. Endicott told us, "Textbooks don't dance, students do."

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