Friday, February 28, 2014

Studying with OER is More Engaging

Stephanie D. appreciates how her teacher’s use of OER saved her from the textbook routine that she used to follow. “I have found OER to be much more engaging and convenient. Textbook readings and work always make me cringe. I never have the motivation to start which causes me to procrastinate. Once I am forced to start, I find difficulty in remaining focused and engaged. I get bored, so I put minimal effort into learning the concepts. With the OER I have found myself learning and understanding concepts way better in comparison. I don't feel that learning is as troublesome anymore since concepts are tailored to the necessary. I have found myself actually excited to learn, which is really odd to me.” Stephanie is excited that her college uses OER as a strategy to help her learn new concepts. “My views on TCC has only grown to be better. With OER I feel the teaching is more engaging and personal. It adapts to the students and really helps battle many of the bad student habits that result from textbooks. Plus, it helps with cost which is a big factor for everyone. I always hated buying books I would only use once, so courses like this are the best. I love being able to not purchase a text, and instead learn directly from the teacher themselves. I have recommended TCC to many of my peers... It has been a great experience, and one of the best decisions of my life.”

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