Tuesday, February 4, 2014

OER - Not Dusty

"I've gained the knowledge of a relevant, current event, instead of reading the same old dusty novel," says Gary L. of his class using OER. While the dollars saved in his English class are important to Gary, he seems to be more impressed with the inventive nature of OER in his class. He says that "TCC is very innovative and really looks at the students' needs/wants, instead of being stuck in the old traditional ways..."

As a teacher who uses OER, I want to take an editorial moment to second Gary's comment. I get a charge out of using current issues, new publications, and cool things I find in our local lives to inform my classes. When I'm teaching with OER, I have more freedom to incorporate materials that have impact on our current lives. Even more, my students get to help select our reading materials. In that way, our classroom becomes a mutual learning environment.

Thanks Gary, and welcome to "The Liberated."

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