Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monica D. Finds OER Refreshing

Monica D. is a new student at TCC. She is returning to school after fifteen years working for the same employer. As a mother of three, Monica is thankful for two of her courses which are using OER this quarter. “I am so thankful for this opportunity to use an OER. It is so refreshing to use a mix of articles and other resources online to learn the information for the course,” Monica notes. She also reports that she likes resources that she feels comfortable downloading, printing, and marking on, whereas she would be less likely to mark a textbook as much. Monica expressed a message of thanks to the students, administrators, and faculty who helped her to save some money this quarter on textbooks. “I’m excited to know that TCC is on the cutting edge of using OER and pushing to provide this service to our students. … I am a dislocated worker and wife and mother of three young girls. Saving money in any way is very important to my family. Thank you!”

(Photograph by C. Fierro, CC-BY 3.0)

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